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The DLSA Infant and Toddler Program focuses on the importance of water safety and awareness. From the age of 3 months to 6 months we offer our FREE Welcome to Water (WTW) Classes.  CLICK HERE to take advantage of our FREE WTW Classes. Our WTW classes will gently introduce your baby to the aquatic environment.  All WTW classes are free if the infant is started at 3 months of age.

Following our WTW classes, our infants and toddlers begin to learn the reflex action. The reflex action is a series of skills such as water orientation, breath control, floatation skills and propulsion skills. CLICK HERE to take advantage of our FREE Kick Start Bonus where you will receive a free lesson!

  • Lessons are based around songs and games.

  • The DLSA Infant and Toddler Program utilises a unique 'Circuit Program' to keep the classes interesting while your child continues to practice the reflex action skills.

  • The program is conducted in the hydrotherapy pool which is heated to 33 degrees (Wilsonton) year round.

  • The program is structured according to individual skill level, as well as age based parameters.

  • Through repetition, your child will develop and progress to the early skills required for Learn to Swim Programs.


SplashStart (SS) - 3 to 6/8 Months

With a little help from mum or dad, your child will be introduced to a fun, warm and safe aquatic environment while learning about many important aspects of Water Safety. Keen to get some more information on our FREE SplashStart ClassesCLICK HERE to find out more!

Bubs (BUB) - 6/8 to 14 months

Your baby will now commence learning the reflex action and you will be given some drills to practice at home. You will also be shown how to correctly hold your babies legs, helping you achieve the correct position for freestyle backstroke kick.

Toddlers (TOD)

Our Toddlers Classes will continue to gradually increase your child’s water confidence whilst continuing to work on the reflex action. We continue our emphasis on water safety drills and skills using songs and games in order to make learning easy and enjoyable. Keen to get started in our Bubs and Toddler program?

Super Toddlers (STOD)

Now that your child has been shown the importance of the reflex action, it is time for them to try it on their own. Our Super Toddler classes allow confident toddlers to continue their skill development unassisted. Mums or dads will still need to be in the water each class because we will also begin to introduce more advanced skills with your assistance.

Advanced Toddlers (AT)

It’s now time for Mums or Dads to let their children swim by themselves. At this stage your child will start to learn some of the important drills required for the Learn to Swim Program.

Kickstart Bonus



Simply submit our KickStart Bonus Webform and one of our friendly team will be in touch. If you go ahead with a booking,

you will get your first lesson FREE!

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