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DLSA Wilsonton Pool
30 Erin Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
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DLSA Centenary Heights Pool
60 Ramsay Street
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Dear DLSA Families,

As always, the health and safety of our DLSA Team and our DLSA Families are our highest priority. While we believe, given our regional proximity together with our own internal initiatives to minimise risks, we have provided and maintained a safe and healthy environment, following the Government’s initiative to ask all indoor sporting facilities to close as of 12pm today (23rd March), we have taken action to cease all lessons and activity at our DLSA facilities.


This situation is fast moving and there is still much for us to learn/consider. During this time, we hope to have your support, patience and understanding. We understand customers have questions pertaining to swimming fees and payments, please note the following relevant items:

* All remaining P120 lessons will be made available to you as make-ups in future programs. To help cater for this, over the coming programs, we are planning to put on a range of specific make-up sessions above and beyond our regular class structure. This will make it easier for you to use your make-ups throughout the rest of the year.

* At this point in time, we are hopeful of resuming lessons for our P220 program starting 20th April 2020. Please rest assured that if you have already pre-paid for lessons, you will not lose that money. We will continue to review this over the coming weeks and keep communicating with you accordingly. * Direct Debit Customers - Please standby for further information pertaining to the April Direct Debit run in the coming days. We ask for your patience and understanding while we work through the multitude of issues and logistics we need to action, both for you as well as our Team throughout this unprecedented time. Thank-you again for your patience, support and understanding throughout this time. Kind regards,

Darren Lange OLY


Darren Lange Swimming

Just like you, we are individuals and families dealing with the Coronavirus situation. We will ALWAYS follow the strict government guidelines and recommendations pertaining to providing a safe environment for our Team and our customers.

Here are 7 reasons why we truely believe that it is safe for you to continue your Water Safety Journey at the DLSA.

Now only 1 class in the Toddler Program Pool at a time. We've BOOSTED the temp of our 25m pool to 33 deg so other Toddler Classes can swim in there, creating heaps of social distancing.

Heaps of room inside at the DLSA. We NEVER have more than 100 people inside our facility at one time.

DLSA has already been cleaned and disinfected this morning, and it will be done another 3 times today!

Spot checks on a regular basis throughout every swim session, in between 4 separate cleaning/disinfecting shifts per day.

Our goal to is keep you safe and keep you informed.

Our 25m pool temp has been raised to 33 deg to enable our toddler classes to spread out in the larger pool. All other classes will have more space available to them to maintain great social distancing.

Plenty of social distancing room here. Plus NEW initiatives including recommending that only one necessary parent per family attend the swimming lesson.


Email us at swim@dlsa.com.au or call 1300 885 667

We will continue to review our methods and initiatives and always follow the government guidelines regarding this situation.

Dear DLSA Families,

Firstly, let me start by saying thank-you to all the parents and swimmers who have continued to support us throughout this time. We continue to work to ensure we provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment to you and your family, so that you can not only continue your Water Safety journey, but maintain a bit of NORMALITY for you and your children in what is a challenging time. Again, let me assure you that we take yours and your families health and well being very seriously. The initiatives we put in place over a week ago are working very well and an overwhelming number of families have elected to continue with their swimming lessons. Following the government's recent advice, we have added some new initiatives to our original directives to further develop social distancing within our facilities. Firstly let me assure you that - WE DO NOT EVER HAVE MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE IN OUR FACILITIES AT ANY ONE TIME. So as per the government advice, we are open and will continue to provide our program. Furthermore, the Federal Government website states,“Gyms, indoor fitness centres and swimming pools do not need to close at this time — as long as they follow social distancing advice and have good cleaning routines in place". Right now, our team is focussed on maintaining our initial set of initiatives, which are: 1. Sanitising all surfaces and equipment 2. Ensuring our Team comes to work in good health 3. Educating parents to stay away with they or their family is unwell 4. Relaxing your Make-Up policies to better cater for this possibility 5. Rearranging our seating configuration to promote 1.5m distance between parents watching their children during the lesson From today, we have also introduced the following EXTRA social distancing measures:

I truely believe that, given the facts of the situation, together with the advice provided to us by the Government regarding this situation, we are providing a totally safe environment for you, your family and the DLSA Team Members. As always we welcome your feedback questions and concerns. If you would like to contact us, feel free to email us direct at swim@dlsa.com.au or PM us through social media. In the interest of not causing unnecessary alarm, we respectfully ask you to consider NOT to post alarming statements and/or comments on our social media channels. I together with my Senior Team members are taking this situation very seriously and working to navigate our way through as best we can, while supporting our employees AND providing a safe environment to the hundreds of families who would like to continue their Water Safety journey. Thank-you for your time. Kind regards,

Darren Lange OLY