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Dear DLSA families - I trust that you are all healthy and safe! As we venture into the unknown, I would like to keep your children physically well, motivated and challenged.

First of all I have a “30 Day Challenge” for your children to participate in.  All of the details and instructions are on the attached PDF.  This challenge has rules and prizes!

I will be sending out 5 Dryland programs per week, to run Monday to Friday.  I will be trying my best to mix these up to keep them interesting.  The programs will be held within the guidelines of Phase 1: Stability and Endurance (duration 2-3 weeks), our goals for this phase are to help correct muscle imbalances that can cause injuries sustained during swimming and build a foundation for weighted and more advanced exercises.  The primary focus is on bodyweight and core stability exercise that improve flexibility, core strength and balance, and hopefully eliminate imbalances. Intensity is low and reps are high. Although the bodyweight used may seem easy, remember that the goal of phase 1 is to set the stage for following stages.  TECHNIQUE! Be safe! Have a workout buddy!

Now the challenge requires the parent or swimmer to email me as often as they can, daily would be great!  I am keeping a spreadsheet on amount of push-ups, squats, high to low boats, dry-land programs completed and the amount of contact they have with me, this is all considered to take the winning prizes!  I would love to see photos or short videos of your workouts and the way you work out!  (Be aware I will put some of these on social media.)  Hopefully we can motivate and challenge each other through these unknown times.  If the programs need adjustments or your child needs special consideration, let me know! 

Keen to get on our DLSA Challenge email thread? Email me direct at and I'll get you sorted!

Kind regards,

Lynette Koina

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