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Our outstanding children's programs are designed by Olympian and Commonwealth Gold and Silver Medalist, Darren Lange, to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for life by offering water familiarisation, water safety and learn to swim classes from 3 months of age. 

Getting your children involved in learn to swim and water safety classes is one of the key steps you can take to help make your children safer in and around the water. Our children's programs are designed for children from 3 months of age, all the way up to the pre-teen years. Children progress through our 19-stage lesson structure at their own pace, mastering the skills in a level before they advance to the next. We believe that we have the very best and most comprehensive programs to get your child loving the water for a lifetime of fitness and health.

FREE Water Familiarisation 3 to 6/8 Months

Your baby will be introduced to a fun, warm and safe aquatic environment while you learn about the many important aspects of water safety. These classes are free if you start at 3 months!

Water Confidence
3 Years +

Water Confidence classes develop and practice both standing and prone position skills in a safe, relaxed and comfortable swimming environment. They are an imperative step before the learn to swim program.

Advanced Learn to Swim
6 Years+

Our Advanced Learn to Swim classes teach correct technique for all four strokes and to maintain that skill level while increasing the swimming distance.

Infant & Toddler
6 Months to 3 Years

In these classes, our infants and toddlers begin to learn the reflex action which are a series of skills including water orientation, breath control, floatation skills and propulsion skills. 

Learn to Swim
3 Years +

Our Learn to Swim classes are a three level progression dedicated to teaching children to build a series of important skills that will enable them to swim both freestyle and backstroke with technique.

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