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To learn how to swim the correct way, your child must first learn to relax in the water. This is achieved by developing and practicing both standing and prone position skills in a safe and comfortable swimming environment.  CLICK HERE to take advantage of our FREE Kick Start Bonus where you will receive a free lesson!

  • With only 4 swimmers per class (WC1 & WC2), we have the time to focus on your child's individual water confidence needs.

  • Once your child has achieved a good level of 'Shallow Water Confidence' they will begin to develop their 'Deep Water Confidence' skills.

  • Our Water Confidence Program will focus on much more than just your child's relaxation in the aquatic environment.

  • It serves as an imperative part of setting up the foundation or primary skills needed for our Learn To Swim programs.


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Water Confidence 1 (WC1)

For many children 3 years of age and up, this is the first step to learning how to swim. WC1 is strictly a shallow water level where children are assisted with all drills to gradually build shallow water confidence. Children will also learn breath control, floating, kicking and submersion.

Water Confidence 2 (WC2)

Now that your child has shallow water confidence, it's time to take the next step. During WC2 level, your child will be gradually and gently introduced to the deep water. We will then start to teach the basics of treading water. Children will also be encouraged to start completing the drills on their own.

Water Confidence 3 (WC3)

As your child becomes unassisted in the water, we will use our WC3 level to begin working on the correct swimming body position for freestyle and backstroke. The drills introduced at this level will help your child cope with the advanced stroke technique work in the later levels.

The Kickstart Bonus



Simply submit our KickStart Bonus Webform and one of our friendly team will be in touch. If you go ahead with a booking,

you will get your first lesson FREE!

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