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Our Learn to Swim Program is a three level progression dedicated to teaching children to build a series of important skills that will enable them to swim both freestyle and backstroke while maintaining an efficient technique.

Our classes are specifically designed to enable your child to progress at his or her own pace with a focus on achieving their personal best.  CLICK HERE to take advantage of our FREE Kick Start Bonus where you will receive a free lesson!

  • Our Learn to Swim students are fully unassisted and very confident in the water and that's why we have a maximum of 5 swimmers per class (LTS1).


Learn to Swim 1 (LTS1)

This level will take your child through the last few steps of total water confidence. Your child will set up a strong kicking action and body position for freestyle and backstroke in preparation for learning freestyle and backstroke arms. Like the foundations of a house, taking time to get these skills in place now, will pay off when the swimmers attempt more advanced skills in higher levels.

Swim Lessons
Learn to Swim 2 (LTS2)

Children progressing to LTS2 have achieved a comfortable, well balanced head and body position. These are very important ingredients for swimming efficiently. We now concentrate on freestyle and backstroke arms while maintaining the body position. The swimmers focus on doing a high skill level over shorter distances to ensure the body position skills are maintained.

Learn to Swim 3 (LTS3)

Children at this level are swimming freestyle and backstroke with great efficiency. LTS3 sees a greatly increased learning curve with the introduction of breathing in freestyle, breaststroke arms and legs and butterfly legs. We also start to swim longer distances to improve strength, fitness and lung capacity.

The Kickstart Bonus



Simply submit our KickStart Bonus Webform and one of our friendly team will be in touch. If you go ahead with a booking,

you will get your first lesson FREE!

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