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Swimming has always been considered a national past time. Not surprisingly, Australia as a swimming nation is considered as one of the best in the world.  With the increased number of Australian's developing diabetes and weight-related diseases, swimming is one of the best and healthiest ways for your child to learn a healthy attitude for life!

We have a range of Squad Programs designed to meet the individual needs of all swimmers who wish to take part in this healthy and fun sport. A squad program by definition, is a group of swimmers swimming within a training environment. While our program is built around encouraging children to further develop their skill through improving their fitness and strength, we always maintain a high level of continuous stroke correction and development throughout all levels of the Squad Programs.

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Probably the most important aspect of the DLSA Squad Program is the underlying philosophy passed on to each squad member...

  • Our Squad Program promotes four core values to our swimmers - Respect, Teamwork, Persistence and Personal Bests.

  • Swimmers are taught how to set and strive for goals - an important part of attaining success and happiness in every part of life.

  • Swimmers are encouraged to enjoy training through sharing a team spirit with other squad members and participating in relays and other fun events.

​If you are registering your child for a swim meet or would like to become a member of our Swimming Club, Team Academy - Swimming (TAS), please register on the Swim Central Website. Team Academy Swimming (TAS) is a not for profit, competitive swim club started by DLSA. By becoming a member of TAS, swimmers compete in weekend swim meets throughout the region as well as state and national competitions.



Swimming Pool
Middle Squad Program - Mini Squad & Junior Squad

Swimmers will build fitness and strength while further developing their advanced swimming skills. We also introduce the full range of Racing Skills so that our Middle Squad can start to participate in our fun Team Academy - Swimming (TAS) Team Nights!

KIDS UW2 1000.jpg
Standard Squad - Fitness Squad

Swimming is an awesome cardio workout, improving fitness, strength and lung capacity in a no impact environment. Swimming is also a great mental/stress relief. Many older kids use swimming as a way to take a break from school assignments and pressures etc. Whatever you want to get out of swimming, we will work to help you achieve your goals.

Diving Board
Competitive Squad - Junior & Senior Dev. Squad

Whatever your swimming goals, DLSA Head Coach Taylah de Joux, has the knowledge, temperament and experience to get the very best out of you.

Together with input from Olympic swimmer, Darren Lange the DLSA Competitive Squad Program is focused on goal-orientated performance while developing a team culture based around Respect | Teamwork | Personal Bests | Persistence

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