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Direct Debit (Our preferred option)


Direct Debit can help to make the financial side of ongoing swimming lessons more manageable for you and your family. With Direct Debit you can:

  • Break your annual family swimming fee into 12 monthly payments.

  • Receive the DLSA Direct Debit discount all year round.

  • Secure your most preferred day, time and teacher all year round, if possible.

  • Our Direct Debit lesson rate is discounted off our full standard lesson rate.

  • Minimum 6 month commitment.

Avoid the queues of busy payment and booking weeks and use our new Direct Debit Payment System. It’s quick and easy to set up. Download, read, sign and return the following DLSA Direct Debit Forms:

* D1 DLSA DD Request 

* D2 DLSA DD Service Agreement

* D3 DLSA DD Calculation Form - UPDATED

* D5 DLSA DD Points

* IntegraPay DDR


Pay Through Our Customer Portal or Smartphone App


You account balance is accessible through our Customer Portal and Smartphone App. You are also able to pay any outstanding accounts through each of these platforms.

Haven't set your self up yet? It's simple!

Log into your account using our customer portal here



Download the iClassPro app from the app store and log into your existing account.

Check out a wide range of HOW TO vids here that will guide you through the process.

Direct Deposit


Using Direct Deposit, you can pay your swimming fees from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You can pay your fees straight from your bank account to ours. Transfer direct to our bank account using the following account details:

Account Name:     Darren Lange Swimming Academy
BSB:                      638010
Acc No:                 12187607

When making your transfer, please add your SURNAME plus a, 'W' for Wilsonton or, 'C' for Centenary Heights in the remit section. Your Family ID can be found in your account email communication or you can EMAIL our friendly administration team and they will send it to you via return email.

PrePay and Save

Usually about 4 to 6 weeks before the commencement of a new program, we release our PrePay and Save (PPS) option. 

Our PPS lesson rate is the cheapest lesson rate available saving up to $1/lesson off the standard full rate of lesson fees when you pay for the upcoming program in full during the designated PPS period.

Keep an eye out for when PPS starts... It only runs for a few weeks at a time.

Standard Payment Option​

Our Standard Payment Option is to receive 50% of fees by week 2 and the balance by week 4 of a new program.

Lessons charge using this payment option are at our full standard lesson rate.


Standard Communication

The DLSA administration team is responsible for keeping you up-to-date with everything that is going on with your booking and account details. With more than 1,300 families and more than 2,000 individual bookings, our team work hard to provide quality customer service, especially communication. 

We use emails, text messages, social media messaging and phone calls as standard communication procedure. It is very important that we have your most up-to-date contact information so that we can keep you up-to-date. To contact our administration team by email, please use

We will endeavour to respond to phone messages and/or email messages on the same day in which they are received, before the end of the business day. Our preferred method of communication is via the phone or email. Using social media to send messages to our administration team is not recommended as they do not have access to replying to personal messages through our social media pages. While we may send a text message to customers regarding bookings or account information, our administration team can't receive text messages as a form of communication, as this form of communication is done through an automated, secure service.

Rollover Complete

Just after the half way point in the current program of lessons, you will receive your Rollover Complete notification. This means any bookings you have with DLSA have been automatically rolled over to the next program. The benefits of our roll over system mean less time wasted at the front counter trying to rebook and easily maintain your preferred time or teacher. It is imperative that if you do not wish to continue your booking in the next program, you will need to complete a Deferral Form.

Usually by week 7 of a program, we will perform the booking Roll Over (RO). As per our Perpetual Program System, all bookings enrolled in the current program will automatically be rolled over to the next program. This saves you time trying to rebook, getting in before you lose your most preferred class/time/teacher. You will receive three booking confirmation emails. The first email will be sent at the time of the Roll Over. This will also signal the availability of the Pre-Payment Discount, which is our most discounted lesson rate. A second email will be sent out a week before the Pre-Payment Discount ends. A third will be sent out just before the new program begins.


Unpaid Accounts

During the week leading into the end of the Pre-Payment Discount period, we will send a Family Account Update to all families who have not already finalised their fees for the upcoming program. If there is a problem with your account and/or you have a problem with a payment, please contact our friendly administration team to discuss our family friendly options. Once the new program has commenced, we will automate the following communication:

Week 1 - Account Update email to all outstanding accounts (albeit not overdue).

Week 3 - Account Update email to all outstanding accounts (albeit not overdue).

Week 5 - Account Update email to all outstanding accounts (now overdue).

Week 6 - Account Update phone call and email to all outstanding accounts (now overdue).

Week 7 - Account Update phone call, email and text to all outstanding accounts (now overdue).

Week 8 - Account Update phone call, email and text to all outstanding accounts (now overdue and due for lesson suspension).

Week 9 - Account Update phone call, email and text to all outstanding accounts (now overdue and lesson has been suspended).

Week 10 - Account Update phone call, email and text to all outstanding accounts (now overdue and lesson has been suspended).

Week 11 - Account Update phone call, email and text to all outstanding accounts (now overdue and lesson suspended).


Standard Program Identification - 2021 P3

The DLSA conducts weekly lessons for 49 weeks per year. You can identify any of the four main programs we have each year using our Standard Program Identification, for example, 2021 P3 = Program 3, 2021 or 2022 P2 = Program 2, 2021. The program relates to the months of the calendar year that program runs.

  • Program 1 = Jan, Feb, Mar - 13 Weeks

  • Program 2 = Apr, May Jun - 12 Weeks

  • Program 3 = July, Aug, Sep - 12 Weeks

  • Program 4 = Oct Nov Dec - 12 Weeks



Policies are important, they help with communication. We work hard to be 100% transparent with our policies so that there can be no confusion. We understand that there is a bit of reading her, but take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with our policies. These policies can also be viewed at any time in our Customer nPortal or Smartphone App.


Make Up Policy

All booked lessons are payable, regardless of attendance.

If you miss a class through sickness, unavailability or a public holiday closure, you can attend a free Make-Up Class in accordance with the DLSA Make-Up Policy subject to the following conditions:

  • Notification of non-attendance must be received at least 1 hour prior to the missed lesson. This enables us to make that spot available for other families looking for make-up opportunities.

  • Make-ups are made subject to availability.

  • No more than four make-ups per child can be accrued at any one time.

  • Make-ups can only be used in a program in conjunction with an active booking.

  • If you are unable to attend any make-ups, a $4 credit per make-up will be placed on your account (maximum four make-ups per child).

  • Make-ups must be finalised within eight weeks of being accrued unless a prolonged sickness or injury supported by a doctor’s certificate prohibits the make-ups being done within the eight weeks.

  • Please note that make-ups are made in classes where space is available. If that particular class receives a standard booking your make-up will need to be re-scheduled.

  • A maximum of four of any make-ups still owing at the completion of the program can be carried to the next program to be used as make-ups. These make-ups can only be booked from Week Three onwards and must be completed by Week Six of the new program.

No refunds for classes missed through sickness, unavailability or a public holiday closure, instead a make-up class will be provided.


Payment Policy and Options

The DLSA offers three payment options for you to choose from when paying your Perpetual Program swimming fees.

  • Direct Debit – Discounted Rate; Direct Debit is our preferred payment option and available for your convenience. Break your annual swimming fees into 12 easy payments. Direct Debit Terms and Conditions apply should you wish to maintain your booking via Direct Debit.

  • Pre-Pay and Save – Discounted Rate; Pre-Payment Discount Rate will be given to any fees paid in full by close of business on the date specified by the DLSA.

  • Split Payment – Full Rate; 50% of the total family fee is due by the end of Week Two and the balance is due by the end of Week Four. Any fees still outstanding following Week Four of the program will attract a late payment fee.

  • Booster Block Holiday Programs; Full payment is due for Booster Block Programs on the first day of lessons or prior. Booster Block programs run part of every school holidays excluding our holiday closure times.

The DLSA reserves the right to suspend or cancel your booking should your fees are outstanding beyond our payment terms and you are not working with us to rectify the problem.



Perpetual Program Policy

DLSA runs a PERPETUAL PROGRAM. Think of it as a year-round booking with four payment periods Program 1, Program 2, Program 3 and Program 4, or 12 monthly payments if you’re on Direct Debit.

Once your booking is made it will automatically roll over to the next program. You do not need to rebook for the next program, it will happen automatically.

If you do not wish to have a booking in the next program you will need to fill out a DEFERRAL form.
The DEFERRAL form must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the start of the new program.

If you do not submit a DEFERRAL form your booking will continue and fees will be due against that booking as per the DLSA Payment Policy.

All booked lessons are payable, regardless of attendance.


COVIDSafe Terms and Conditions

You must not attend the DLSA if you have experienced cold or flu like symptoms within the previous 72 hours before your lesson.

You must not attend the DLSA if you have visited a designated CV19 hotspot within the previous 14 days.

You must abide by all the COVIDSafe policies and procedures:

  • Maintain social distancing as directed

  • Wear a mask if required by Qld Health

  • Observe and limit room occupancy to COVIDSafe parameters

  • Observe and follow directional signage throughout our facility

  • Using the disinfectant provided, sanitise your hands when entering our facility

  • Log your visit using our Contact Tracing QR Code system

  • We reserve e the right to refuse entry to anyone who we feel is not following our COVIDSafe protocols

Extra COVIDSafe Protocols we will put in place should it be necessary from time to time:

  • Limit the number of adults attending the DLSA per family to one (subject to DLSA CV19 Traffic Light Alert System)

  • No cash transactions available (subject to DLSA CV19 Traffic Light Alert System)


DLSA CV19 Lockdown Policy:

Should the DLSA be required to lockdown as part of a localised CV19 directive from the Qld Government. Swimmers who miss a lesson due to the CV19 lockdown will automatically accrue a Make-Up Token for that missed lesson.

Following a lockdown, the DLSA will add multiple shifts to the teaching roster over a four week period to provide families with ample opportunities to recoup CV19 accrued make-up tokens.

Make-up Tokens accrued as a result of a Qld Government lockdown directive will have a 6 month expiry date and will NOT be subject to the usual make-up requirement of having an active booking.

Make-up Tokens accrued as a result of a Qld Government lockdown directive are not counted toward your four Make-Up Token at any one time limit.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

You are able to cancel your booking subject to the following conditions:

All booked lessons up to and including your cancellation date, regardless of attendance, must be paid in full. Make-ups will be provided in accordance with the DLSA Make-up Policy.

A $25 cancellation fee will be incurred.

Refunds are not permitted. A credit will be created for any paid/unused lessons for use in the future with our DLSA Private Program.


Fees and Charges

Cancellation Fee - If you cancel or defer a booking after the beginning of a new program a $25 cancellation fee will apply.

Late Payment Fee - If fees are outstanding outside the standard DLSA Payment Policy, a $25 late payment fee will be payable unless a prior arrangement has been made. We may waive the late payment fee if you contact us and arrange a payment plan to pay your account.

Payment Plan Fee – If fees are outstanding outside the standard DLSA Payment Policy and Payment Plan agreement, a $50 Late Payment Plan Fee will be payable.


Photography and Video Policy

The DLSA respects the privacy of our customers. Photography and videoing of children and/or classes is not permitted. 

Taking a photo of your child standing at a designated MAGIC MEMORY PIC STATION (Pic Station) is permitted. We ask that customers ensure that only your child/family is represented in any photo taken at the Pic Station and at no time is it permitted to have other DLSA patrons within the picture without parental consent.


General Rules and Conditions

In the event of an emergency, an ambulance will be called to assist if necessary.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to advise the DLSA of any illness or injury which may put your child, or another child at the DLSA, at risk in or around the swimming pool.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the DLSA Payment and DLSA Make Up Policy and I understand I am required to pay for all lessons booked regardless of attendance and that a make up lesson will be made available for any lessons I miss in accordance with the DLSA Make Up Policy. This includes lessons missed through sickness, unavailability or a public holiday.

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable environment at the DLSA, management and staff have imposed rules that govern the conduct of all persons. If any person persists in not abiding by the rules, DLSA Management will have no other alternative but to remove them from the DLSA and possibly discontinue their enrolment.

Infants and toddlers up to 20 months are required to wear an approved swim nappy during their classes. Parents partaking in our Infant and Toddler Program are required to wear a shirt in the pool.

I understand that if I am booked into a Perpetual Program my booking will automatically roll over to the next program unless I provide a deferral form at least two weeks before the start of the new program.

I understand that I must supervise my children at all times. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

The DLSA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We recommend you leave jewellery and valuable items at home.