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From start to finish, Olympic Swimmer Darren Lange has designed a gentle 16 stage Level Progression that caters to everyone from infants of 3 months to adults.

This skill based Level Progression enables everyone to progress at their own rate in a low pressure, supportive environment where children build essential skills one on top of the other until they reach their Water Safety and swimming potential.

All classes are strictly run in line with Darren Lange's unique set of Swimming Lesson Plans.

The focus and strategies behind these lesson plans have been based on Darren Lange's expert knowledge of biomechanics and how the body moves through water. Continuously evolving since 1994, the DLSA Level Progression and Lesson Plan approach is the backbone to ongoing success of the DLSA Program.

Literally, more than 10s of thousands of people have developed their Water Safety skills and learnt how to swim efficiently, thanks to the DLSA Level Progression Program.


DLSA Infant & Toddler Program
Welcome to Water (WTW) - 3mth to 6mth
Bubs (BUB)- 6mth to 14mth
Toddlers (TOD) - 14mth to 3yrs (skill based)
Super Toddlers (STOD) - 14mth to 3yrs (skill based)
Advanced Toddlers (AT) - 20mth to 3yrs (skill based)
DLSA Water Confidence Program
Water Confidence 1 (WC1) - 3yrs & up
Water Confidence 2 (WC2) - 3yrs & up (skill based)
Water Confidence 3 (WC3) - 3yrs & up (skill based)
DLSA Learn-to-Swim Program
Learn-to-Swim 1 (LTS1) - 3yrs & up (skill based)
Learn-to-Swim 2 (LTS2) - 3yrs & up (skill based)
Learn-to-Swim 3 (LTS3) - 3yrs & up (skill based)
Learn-to-Swim 4 (LTS4) - 3yrs & up (skill based)
DLSA High End Learn-to-Swim Program
Stroke Development (SD) - 5yrs & up (skill based)
Pre Mini (PM) - 5yrs & up (skill based)
DLSA Squad Program
Mini Squad (MS) - 6yrs & up (skill based)
Junior Squad (JS) - 6yrs & up (skill based)
Fitness Squad (FS) - 8yrs & up (skill based)
Junior Development Squad (JDEV) - 10yrs & up (skill based)
Senior Development (SDEV) - 12yrs & up (skill based)


Water Safety Super Hero

Our Program is child based, so it is important we work to engage with our swimmers with age appropriate content so that they feel connected, involved and excited about the Water Safety skill development process.

One way we achieve this is through our Water Safety Super Hero characters. You'll see our fun bright Water Safety Super Hero characters in many different aspects of our facility, signage and communication.

Water Safety Journey

Water Safety is an ESSENTIAL skill for LIFE, that could one day save a LIFE!

Soccer, football, netball, ballet, music classes, gymnastics and all the other fantastic children's activities are GREAT! But learning to swim, especially here in Australia, is incredibly important to your child's life. 

It takes time, dedication and persistence to fully develop the Water Safety Skills. That's why we talk about and promote the Water Safety Journey.

When you join the DLSA Program, your child will receive their Water Safety Journey Sticker Poster. The idea here is that we engage younger children in the journey process. Using the Sticker Poster, your child will know where they are at in their journey and can track their progress throughout the program.

Every time your child moves up a level, they will receive a special Super Hero Progression Sticker to put on their Water Safety Journey Sticker Poster. It's fun, it's engaging and it gets your child focussed on the goal of becoming safe, in and around water.

If you haven't received it already, ask to collect your child's Water Safety Journey Sticker Poster next time you are in.

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DLSA Stickers Round girl.jpg
DLSA Stickers Round4.jpg
DLSA Stickers Round.jpg

Water Safety Super Hero Special Progression Stickers

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