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Close Proximity Classes During Stage 1 Reopening

Lessons will be resuming at DLSA Wilsonton on the 1st June, but things will look a little different.

We are working hard to adapt to the CV19 situation. Many of the changes we have to make are easy to implement, others create bigger challenges.

While identifying all areas we need to address and control, we have created a new classification structure for our various lessons. This new classification relates specifically to how close within the 1.5m social distancing parameter a teacher need to be to conduct the drills and skills required for that level.

The 3 classifications we have developed are:

  1. Spaced Class - The teacher is not required to move within the 1.5m range to conduct the class

  2. Moderate Proximity Class - The teacher sometimes needs to manual manipulate the swimming to assist that child to achieving a particular skill, but is able to do so without being face to face with the swimmer.

  3. Close Proximity Class - The teacher does find themselves coming close and face to face with the swimmer to help assist the swimmer in achieving their drill.

Of the time being, during the Stage 1 process of reopening, we will not be conducting any Close Proximity Classes. Close Proximity Classes within the DLSA program includes Advanced Toddler, Water Confidence 1 and Water Confidence 2.

Water Confidence 3 is classified as a Moderate Proximity Class however, we feel that given all of our WC3ers have had over 2 months out of the water, many will need extra assistance to get themselves back to a true WC3 level.

At this point in time, we will continue to review our approach to Close Proximity Classes, we are working on a range of solutions and will start testing these in the coming weeks. We are hopeful that all levels will be up and running again when we reach Stage 2 of the Reopening.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We will continue to keep you informed and up-to-date as best we can.


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