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Reopening DLSA Centenary Heights

Currently DLSA Wilsonton is reopening for what we term a 'soft opening' from the 1st of June. Unfortunately, our DLSA Centenary Heights program cannot resume just now.

The Centenary Heights Aquatic Centre is run by the Centenary Heights State High School and at this stage, like all other state schools, they are working under a directive from their governing organisation to not allow general public access to school facilities.

Our most recent communication suggests that we may be able to resume our program at the beginning of Term 3. We will certainly keep in contact with the CHSHS and if there is a possibility of starting the program earlier we will consider that option .

In the meantime, Centenary Heights families have the ability to join our Wilsonton program for the upcoming special 6 week program commencing 1st June.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.


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