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Water Familiarisation Classes to Resume in Stage 2 of our Reopening

Our Water Familiarisation Classes (WF) are very popular with new mums and dads and not only because they are free, but because it's a GREAT way to introduce your little bub to the aquatic environment, while also learning some important water safety education items yourself as a parent.

During Stage 1 of our reopening at DLSA Wilsonton, we will only be using the main 25m pool, the Hydro Pool (Toddler Program Pool) will not be active. One issue this presents is access to the water. Currently, there is no stair access to the main pool and we feel this is an important item to have for our WF mums and dads, not used to getting in and out of the pool with a little one etc.

We are currently pricing up and preparing to install fixed, stainless steel stair access for the main pool and hope to have this in place over the coming weeks. Once those stairs are in place, we will review the commencement of the WF program, which is most likely to coincide with reaching Stage 2 of the reopening process, hopefully around mid June.

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