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Winter Change to DLSA Cent Hts Infant/Toddler Program

Our Centenary Heights Infant/Toddler Program classes will cease following the classes on the 28th May. These classes will then be offered at our Wilsonton Facility for the remainder of the program and throughout the most of the next program, before returning to Centenary Heights from September 2022.

As a gesture of good will, we are applying a 50% discount to your account for the classes run at our Wilsonton facility during this time. We hope that this serves as a GREAT INCENTIVE for you to continue your child's Water Safety Journey throughout this time.


  • DLSA Wilsonton is just 15 minutes drive from DLSA Centenary Heights, so make sure you allow the appropriate travel time when coming to your class.

  • Miss Charlene will be continuing to take your class while at DLSA Wilsonton.

  • Saturday classes at DLSA Wilsonton are very popular. There is onsite and on street parking available, but it can be busy.

  • Similarly, change room space is well used. We recommend if possible, that families prepare themselves to be able to quickly dry and clothe themselves without the need to shower at the pool and shower at home.


We are working hard to make this change as easy as possible for you. Good communication is imperative. We will send/implement the following items to help maintain good communication throughout this time:

  • Initial email communication outlining the changes in Week 6 of the program

  • Followup email reminder in week 7 of the program

  • Reminder email in week 8 of the program, the week the change comes into play

  • Social media posts & blog post week 8 of the program

  • Reminder email the day before the 1st lesson to be swum at DLSA Wilsonton

  • Reminder text message on the day of the 1st lesson to be swum at DLSA Wilsonton

  • DLSA Cent Hts Infant/Toddler Program specific signage at DLSA Wilsonton

  • DLSA Team Member 'HOAST' located at DLSA Wilsonton helping DLSA Cent Hts parents.

  • Followup email after the first lesson swum at DLSA Wilsonton


The main reason for making this change is the ability to maintain water temperature to an appropriate level at the Centenary Heights facility.

Ideally, we like to maintain a minimum of 32deg when running an infant/toddler program. This water temperature is essential to providing a comfortable and enjoyable teaching environment for your toddler.

During the warmer months, this temperature is usually achieved by way of the Aquatic Centre's solar heating system. As we move further into the cooler months, the solar system is not able to heat the water to our desired temperature and relies more heavily on gas heating.

This usually maintains the water temp nicely, but we have found in recent years, the gas heaters can become a bit unreliable and we have experienced a number of problems whereby the pool temperature drops below 28deg at short notice, thus disrupting the Infant & Toddler Program lessons.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,

DLSA Admin Team

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