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7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Swimming with the DLSA

Just like you, we are individuals and families dealing with the Coronavirus situation. We will ALWAYS follow the strict government guidelines and recommendations pertaining to providing a safe environment for our Team and our customers.

Here are 7 reasons why we truely believe that it is safe for you to continue your Water Safety Journey at the DLSA.

Now only 1 class in the Toddler Program Pool at a time. We've BOOSTED the temp of our 25m pool to 33 deg so other Toddler Classes can swim in there, creating heaps of social distancing.

Heaps of room inside at the DLSA. We NEVER have more than 100 people inside our facility at one time.

DLSA has already been cleaned and disinfected this morning, and it will be done another 3 times today!

Spot checks on a regular basis throughout every swim session, in between 4 separate cleaning/disinfecting shifts per day.

Our goal to is keep you safe and keep you informed.

Our 25m pool temp has been raised to 33 deg to enable our toddler classes to spread out in the larger pool. All other classes will have more space available to them to maintain great social distancing.

Plenty of social distancing room here. Plus NEW initiatives including recommending that only one necessary parent per family attend the swimming lesson.


Email us at or call 1300 885 667

We will continue to review our methods and initiatives and always follow the government guidelines regarding this situation.


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