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Benefits of swimming during the COOLER MONTHS

Yep, we all know Toowoomba has a pretty cool winter period. But that shouldn't stop you from continuing your child's Water Safety Journey.

At the DLSA, we are EXPERTS in running a warm and toasty swimming program through Toowoomba's cooler months. Check out Warm & Toasty blog here for info and tips

But swimming during the cooler months also has some GREAT advantages:

  1. Yep, there is more space for lesson bookings at peak times. Better chance to get the day and time you want that fits in perfectly with your busy week.

  2. Seamless continuity of swimming skill development. Taking time off from swimming lessons, is like taking two steps forward, one step back with skill development. Swimming is not just a fun/healthy past time, it's an ESSENTIAL SKILL FOR LIFE! Maximise your child's Water Safety Skill Development with YEAR ROUND swimming lessons.

  3. 3. Your child/ren's swimming skills will be more advanced for next summer, so you and the family can have more time relaxing and having fun in the aquatic environment!

  4. 2 lessons a week = 4 time fast learning! The DLSA recommends all children should swim at least two program blocks a year swimming two lessons/week. This GREATLY boosts skill development. This is EASY to do during the cooler months AND again, boosts your child's Water Safety skills for the next spring/summer season!

  5. Regular and continuous routines are essential for developing children at any age. Starting and stopping, chopping and changing things all the time reduces the regular routine for children, hampering skill development and potentially increasing anxiety.

Finally, we put the challenge out to all our Mums and Dads... We know family life is busy busy busy and sometimes you need a break but again, this is not dancing, this is not soccer, football or cricket, all of which are great activities for your children. This is a LIFE SAVING SKILL and an ESSENTIAL SKILL FOR LIFE. It takes a dedicated approach from Mums and Dads to provide their child/ren with these essential Water Safety Skills that once learned, will enable them to experience the joys of the aquatic environment in many different ways for the rest of their life.


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