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Developing Teacher Excellence at Darren Lange Swimming Academy

At the Darren Lange Swimming Academy (DLSA), we pride ourselves on nurturing a unique culture of teacher excellence, one that transcends traditional teaching norms. Our philosophy revolves around the belief that passion and dedication are paramount in shaping the best swimming teachers. It's not about having a background in competitive swimming; it's about a natural zeal for working with children and a commitment to excellence.

Embracing Passion Over Experience

Many of our swim teachers begin their journey with little to no prior swimming teaching experience. At DLSA, this is not viewed as a disadvantage. Rather, we see immense potential in those who exhibit a genuine passion for engaging with children. This passion is the foundation upon which we build technical prowess.

The Role of an Olympic Swimmer in Shaping Our Curriculum

Olympic swimmer Darren Lange, the heart and soul of DLSA, meticulously crafts and updates our lesson plans. This ensures that all technical aspects of swimming instruction are covered comprehensively, allowing our teachers to focus on delivering these plans effectively.

The Training Mentor System

Every new trainee at DLSA is paired with a Training Mentor. This system is designed to provide focused guidance and support through at least 25 hours of teaching skill development. This mentorship is pivotal in smoothing the transition from trainee to confident instructor.

The Path to Becoming a Swimming Teacher

The journey to becoming a DLSA swimming teacher involves a series of well-structured steps:

  1. Observation Time: Starting initially with observing qualified DLSA Teachers taking a range of classes, when the Mentor feels the trainee is ready, they progress to getting hands on with the classes, assisting the DLSA Teacher.

  2. Workshop Commitments: Our trainees undergo extensive workshops, gaining theoretical and practical knowledge.

  3. Fully Qualified: Every DLSA Teacher completes an industry standard Swimming Instructor certification.

  4. Training Exam: A comprehensive exam tests their grasp of teaching methodologies.

  5. Assessment Classes: Trainees must complete two assessment classes to demonstrate their practical teaching skills.

Upon successful completion of these steps, our trainees embark on their own journey as DLSA swimming teachers.

Celebrating Our Team's Success

The proof of our effective teaching methodology is evident in the accolades received by our team members. Recently, many have been recognized across a variety of industry awards, a testament to the high standards of teaching at DLSA. Their achievements are not just personal triumphs but also affirmations of the DLSA's commitment to excellence in swim instruction.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

At DLSA, our pursuit of excellence is never-ending. We continuously strive to enhance our teaching methods and foster an environment where both children and teachers grow. Our team's accolades are a reflection of this relentless pursuit of excellence.

In conclusion, the DLSA is not just about teaching swimming; it's about cultivating a generation of instructors who are passionate, skilled, and dedicated to making a difference in every child's life. To our team members who have set the standard – congratulations! Your achievements inspire us all to aim higher in our quest to be the best.


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