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Get ready for Assessment Week!

Just a quick reminder... The DLSA has two assessment weeks per program. Mid-Program Assessment Week and End-of-Program Assessment Week.

Assessment Week is a very busy week for the Team at DLSA.
Thank-you for your patience during the week.

Here's some important ASSESSMENT WEEK INFO that you may find useful:

* PROGRESSION - Children progress at their own rate, but in general terms, we have an average and upper limit as to how long a child should stay in the same level. If your child has been in the same level for more than 36 lessons, we want to know. We may elect to progress to a Special Attention List to help your child break through to the next level. Please have a chat to our Assessors or our Admin Team if you have any questions or concerns.

* Assessed to go up but there's NO AVAILABILITY? Sure, this can happen from time to time. Our Admin Team understand the importance of getting your bookings sorted as close to your requirements as possible. Sometimes a suitable spot is not available straight away, but as Assessment Week progresses, bookings shift and spaces open up. If we can't get you a new level booking straight away, give us a week or so and we might have an option for you to consider. Also, keep checking in on our APP! You will have 'up-to-the-minute' booking availability 24/7.

* VICTORY BELL! Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!! We LOVE seeing and CHEERING for our kids when they ring the Victory Bell after being assessed to go up a level. We encourage EVERYONE to join in the fun and give a cheer... Such a special moment for each child when it happens.

* MAGIC MEMORY PIC - For the privacy and safety for everyone, the DLSA supports a NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy within our facilities. HOWEVER, during Assessment Week we have special MAGIC MEMORY PIC stations, 1 in front of the Victory Bell and the other in front of our large Water Safety Journey Wall. So feel free to take a MAGIC MEMORY PIC of your little one ringing the bell or pointing out where they are up to on the Water safety Journey Wall. We ask that you ensure no other DLSA patrons are visible in your photo.

* If your child moves up a level, make sure you grab their DLSA CERTIFICATE! This is a milestone moment that we really want to CELEBRATE! Our AWESOME success certificates will look GREAT on the fridge or bedroom wall at home!

* WATER SAFETY SUPER HERO STICKERS - DON'T MISS our SPECIAL Water Safety Super Hero Stickers as a GREAT REWARD for your child when they move up a level - 6 SPECIAL STICKERS TO COLLECT!

* WATER SAFETY JOUNEY STICKER POSTER - Pop that SUPER HERO STICKER right on the DLSA Water Safety Journey Sticker Poster. The kids will LOVE to see that they are taking steps along their skill journey... Haven't got a Sticker Poster? Get your FREE poster from our Admin Team.

* WATER SAFETY WEEK follows our End-of-Program Assessment Week. So don't forget, the following week all swimmers from Toddlers to Pre-Mini need to attend their swimming lesson wearing their togs underneath a LAYER OF CLOTHING.


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