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In the Eyes of our Admin Team

by DLSA Administrator, Nicole

We are the first to greet you hello and last to wish you goodbye, and we must say, seeing all our wonderful families come in each and every week is definitely the best part of our job. The excitement on all the children’s faces, ready for their next swimming experience with us is contagious and we love the joy it brings into our centre. That’s what it’s all about!

As DLSA Adminers, we are here for you always! That’s our promise. We will endeavour to make your experience with DLSA a delightful one when you arrive, when you leave, and all in between.

We will support you in every aspect of your booking with us. Any questions you need answering, we will have the answer. It is and will always be a pleasure being able to see your children learn and grow with throughout their Water Safety Journey.

Also, did I mention we are the secret holders for all the fun stuff too! Never leave empty handed after your lesson. We have the special stickers, stamps, certificates and of course our wonderful Water Safety Journey Posters!

Admin would love to thank all our existing families joining us again for 2023 and we also welcome all our new families that have joined us this year! We are excited and ready for what 2023 is going to bring and we are so glad you are here to join us.

Without you, there’s no us and we appreciate you all for all your support and patience with us always.


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