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It's Time to Prioritise Your Child's Water Safety Journey

We've all been on a bit of a CV19 journey the last few years and things seemed to escalate in January when the boarders reopened. While DLSA increased our CovidSafe protocols and the majority of families continued their Water Safety Journey, some families opted to stay home and avoid public places.

Now we have seen the rise and fall of transmission cases, it's time to prioritise your child's Water Safety Journey once again.

The DLSA remains focussed on providing you with a safe and healthy swimming environment.

We are taking the initiative on many levels to give you the very best possible DLSA Water Safety experience.

Here's a few things that might interest you:

  • At this point in time, we continue to utilise our Main Pool (@Wilsonton) for numerous Infant/Toddler classes, enabling our mums, dads and little swimmers to spread out during their lesson.

  • Our pools and facilities are warm, just perfect for year round swimming!

  • NEW CLASS TIMES are coming onto our schedule to better cater for demand.

So priorities your child's Water Safety Journey today and secure your booking in our upcoming 12 week program.


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