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Learning to Submerge

PRO TIP from DLSA Senior Teacher, Infant/Toddler Program and Water Safety Expert, Miss Charlene

Learning to Submerge - Never force a submersion!

This will take lots of patience & time watching your child for their body cues. We want our bubs/toddlers to be relaxed & comfortable. If your child is showing you signs of them being unsettled, unhappy or frightened listen to that. If they tense up or protest this is a sign that they are not ready.

We need to build up their confidence by patiently introducing the steps to submerging, taking our time & slowing conditioning them to expect water on their face.

We recommend babies to be 6 months of age before you attempt this process & only once you have gone through the step by step conditioning phase.

Don't rush parents, there is plenty of time for your child to learn this. And remember happy parents make happy babies.. keep showing us that big beautiful smile.

I love seeing the interaction between parent (or grandparent, uncle or aunty!) & child while you both enjoy your child's water journey together.

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