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NEW - DLSA CV19 Lockdown Policy

Short term lockdowns seem to be part of our new/temporary normal.

While we haven't yet had to experience a short term lockdown here in Toowoomba, we thought it best to develop a policy that covers how we intend to handle this situation should it present itself.

DLSA CV19 Lockdown Policy:

Should the DLSA be required to lockdown as part of a localised CV19 directive from the Qld Government. Swimmers who miss a lesson due to the CV19 lockdown will automatically accrue a Make-Up Token for that missed lesson.

Following a lockdown, the DLSA will add multiple shifts to the teaching roster over a four week period to provide families with ample opportunities to recoupe CV19 accrued make-up tokens.

Make-up Tokens accrued as a result of a Qld Government lockdown directive will have a 6 month expiry date and will NOT be subject to the usual make-up requirement of having an active booking.

Make-up Tokens accrued as a result of a Qld Government lockdown directive are not counted toward your four Make-Up Token at any one time limit.

This means lockdown accrued make-ups can be booked at any date 6 months in the future regardless of whether you have an active program booking or not, which provides a HUGE level of flexibility to any family who might be affected by a Qld Government lockdown directive.

Our objective with this policy is two-fold:

1. We don't want our swimmers to miss important Water Safety Journey Building swimming lessons due to CV19 lockdown restrictions.

2. We want to be able maintain our ability to provide our program now and in the weeks/months/years to come.

As usual, we will always work with individual families with extenuating circumstances when required. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our friendly Admin Team to discuss.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding throughout this time.


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