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Price Adjustment Comes Into Effect 19th September

It has been over 2 years since we reviewed our lesson pricing. In that time we have experience/absorbed considerable increases in our operating expenses including but not limited to, gas, electricity, insurance premiums and wages including the government increase in superannuation guarantee we provide our employees.

As well as this, we continue to maintain our COVIDSafe practices which again, adds to the what it costs to run our program.

For these reasons, we have made the decision to initiate a $1/lesson adjustment which will come into effect from the 19th September for over the counter and online payments, and the October Direct Debit run for DD customers.

NOTE: All PrePay and Save payments up to the 18th September will be at the current PP & Save rate.

All active bookings will receive and email outlining this price adjustment in a little more detail.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding.


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