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Short Term Changes to DLSA Services

Our first priority is to provide a Safe and Healthy swimming environment for all of our families and employees. The DLSA enforces a strict 'cold or flu like symptom'/'do not attend your shift' policy with our employees. Further to this, we feel it is more than likely that at some stage, we will have a Team Member who will be required to isolate as a close contact.

As a result, we can find ourselves short staffed at short notice from time to time.

Please know that we will do everything we can to run lessons with minimal disruptions to our families. We ask that you exercise patience and understanding with our Team during this time, as we all work as hard as we can to navigate our way through this in the safest possible way, while maintaining our high teaching standards.

Over the coming weeks/months, you may be affected by the following during your visit to the DLSA:

  1. Temporary teacher changes at short notice/no notice.

  2. Reduced Admin Team members on shift.

  3. Temporary changes to class ratios.

  4. When calling the facility, our Team may be in the water teaching. Leave a message or email Wils - or Cent Hts -

  5. Unmanned Admin Desk. In this instance please move through to your normal lesson area and wait to be called by the Teacher.

  6. Please use our SmartPhone App or online Customer Portal for Make-ups, Check Lesson Time, Payments and Bookings.

We will continue to follow the Qld Health Guidelines throughout this time to ensure we provide you with a Safe and Healthy swimming environment.

We ask that our customers exercise patience and understanding with our Team throughout this time. Non-compliance and/or anti-social behaviour is not acceptable. We are working as hard as we can to help you and your family continue your Water Safety Journey.



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