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Swimming - An Essential Part of our Aussie Way of Life!

Dorothea Mackeller puts it best when she says, “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains” as she describes one of the quintessential aspects of our Aussie way of life.

Australia, with our long hot summers and prosperous economy, is renowned throughout the world as a nation of swimmers. Whether it be going to the beach, spending time in any of the thousands of creeks, rivers, lakes and waterways, your backyard pool or spa or the obligatory farmhouse dam. Aussies are never far from water and the enjoyment that comes from being in and around the aquatic environment.

But with this easy access to water comes a greater risk of injury or even worse. That’s why Water Safety, Learning-to-Swim and the skill of swimming is an essential part of your child’s growth, development and education as a young Aussie.

We have many national governing bodies who work hard to promote the entire message of Water Safety to our nation, because there’s not just one answer to Water Safety, it takes a multi-pronged approach to ensuring our little Aussie grow up safe in and around the water.

Barriers, constant supervision and learning CPR are all incredibly important parts of the overall approach to Water Safety and they are relatively quick and easy to achieve. But perhaps the most important part of keeping your children water safe is also the one thing that takes the most commitment, the most dedication, the most persistence... It’s learning-to-swim.

Swim Australia promotes that a young Aussie is considered a water safe and capable swimmer when they can swim 400m continuously utilising a variety of stroke techniques, and it’s true. A swimmer at this skill level has not only learned a skill for life, but a skill that could save a life, either their own, or maybe another.

But attaining this skill level is not done quickly, it takes time, dedication, persistence and patience, but the end result gives your little Aussie the skills they need to get the most out of this Sunburnt country of ours. A healthy skill that will be with them throughout their whole life, even into their twilight years.

Your little Aussies will learn many different skills and sports throughout their life, but it is the skill of swimming, that they will thank-you for and get the most out of, for decades to come.


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