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Temporary Increase to Make-Up Expiration

We see it all over the news, CV19 coupled with Influenza is prevalent in our community. Your family's health is our highest priority, as is the health of our Team Members. One important aspect of keeping everyone healthy when attending the DLSA is minimising exposure to the viruses. That's why we insist that if you have experienced cold or flu like symptoms within the previous 72 hours, you are not permitted to attend your swimming lesson.

We understand families sometimes get concerned about accruing a Make-Up Token. We all seem to be time poor which makes it more of a challenge to get around to catching up on missed lessons.

To help our families a bit here, we have temporarily extended the Make-Up-Toke expiration period to 12 weeks.

So if you or the kids are feeling a bit sick, take it easy, rest up and let you body get over the sickness, don't worry about your swimming lessons. You will have 3 months to find a time to get that Make-Up done.


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