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Body Position - Crucial for Your Child's Swimming Skill Development

EXPERT TIP by Darren Lange - 40 years of Swim Teaching experience | Olympic Swimmer | Founder/Owner of the DLSA.

🏊💪 Expert Tip: Achieving a Strong Body Position for Maximum Efficiency in Freestyle Swimming! 🏊💪

Did you know that maintaining a strong body position is crucial for swimmers to maximise their efficiency in freestyle? At the Darren Lange Swimming Academy, we understand the significance of this fundamental skill and its impact on overall performance. Let's dive in and explore why a strong body position matters and how we focus on two key elements to achieve it: kicking action and head position.

🔑 Kicking Action: The Foundation of Body Position - A powerful and coordinated kick is essential for maintaining a streamlined body position in the water. The legs generate propulsion, balance, and stability, allowing the swimmer to slice through the water with minimal drag. At the Darren Lange Swimming Academy, we emphasise the importance of developing a strong kick technique through specialised drills and tailored training programs. Our expert coaches will guide you on proper leg movement, ankle flexibility, and rhythm to enhance your kicking action and overall body position.

🔑 Head Position: The Key to Alignment - "Chin On Chest" Technique - When it comes to maintaining a strong body position while swimming freestyle, the Darren Lange Swimming Academy employs a key phrase that encapsulates the proper head position technique: "Chin On Chest." This simple yet powerful concept reinforces the importance of aligning your head with your body for optimal hydrodynamics and efficiency in the water.

By visualising the phrase "Chin On Chest," swimmers are encouraged to keep their head in line with their body, avoiding unnecessary upward or downward tilting. This technique promotes a streamlined position that minimises drag and allows for smooth and efficient movement through the water.

⚠️ The Perfect Combination: Kicking Action and Head Position Remember, achieving a strong body position isn't just about nailing one element—it's the harmonious combination of kicking action and head position that leads to optimal results. These two skills work hand in hand to create the foundation for efficient freestyle swimming. Neglecting one can compromise the effectiveness of the other. By focusing on both aspects, you'll maximise your speed, reduce energy wastage, and enhance your endurance in the water.

🏅 Expertise and Experience: At the Darren Lange Swimming Academy, we've been the go-to experts for swimming instruction in our region for nearly 30 years. Our team of dedicated Teachers & Coaches have a deep understanding of the intricacies of freestyle swimming and the importance of a strong body position. With our proven teaching methods, individualised attention, and years of experience, we'll empower you to excel in the water and reach your swimming goals.

🌊 Dive In with Us Today! Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your freestyle swimming performance. Join the Darren Lange Swimming Academy and unlock the secrets of maintaining a strong body position through proper kicking action and head position. Experience the difference our expertise can make in your swimming journey. Contact us today to book your spot and take the plunge towards swimming success!

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