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DLSA Facilities... Always a Work In Progress

By DLSA Facility Manager, Connor Bailey

Our Wilsonton facility is a purpose built Learn-to-Swim facility and is quite unique in its design. The facility was built in 1997, so she is getting on a bit in age. Despite this, my facility Team and I work hard to keep everything clean and tidy and read for the thousands of customers who utilise her services every week.

Our Centenary Heights Facility is owned and maintained by the Centenary Heights High School so we do not have a chance to me in control of the ongoing maintenance, but we know the CHSHS is committed to providing a clean and function aquatic centre. Recently we were thrilled to have the pool deck covered and let me tell yo a little whisper... Some BIG plans are brewing for the CHSHS Aquatic Centre. Can't say much right now, but all will be revealed very soon... Exciting times ahead!

Going back to our Wilsonton Facility, let's talk about a negative, that we are well aware of... ... ... Change room space. :/

We know foot traffic in, out and around the change rooms can be challenging. Unfortunately there is not much we can do. Darren has considered a lot of different options but to no avail. What we encourage our families to do is, think about your swimming lesson visit as a 'pop in, swim, then pop out'. The facility isn't really designed for long hot showers and swimmers or mums and dads washing hair and all of that kind of stuff. The facility is designed to teach swimming to everyone from infants to adults and that is what we do. So think about minimising the need to use the change rooms at DLSA Wilsonton. Instead, pop a towel around the kids and save the showering for when you get home... Just a tip. :)

Staying with DLSA Wilsonton, a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT must go to Ian and Hazel Lange (Darren's mum and dad). Ian and Hazel tend to DLSA Wilsonton like it was one of their babies. :D They put SO MUCH WORK into having the pools ready to go, internal facility painting and much much more. Without their efforts, DLSA Wilsonton would look more closer to her age.

Finally, we want our families to know that it is our intention that our facilities are cleaned and well presented at all times. This is sometimes hard during a busy session when we have lots of people coming and out of our facilities... We can't be everywhere at once... But if you EVER notice something not up to par, please contact our Admin Team straight away and we will address it immediately.


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