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Embrace the Winter Swim: The Darren Lange Swimming Academy's Commitment to Year-Round Water Safety

Winter is often associated with chilly weather, cozy blankets, and hot cocoa by the fire. However, at the Darren Lange Swimming Academy (DLSA), winter is not a time to hibernate and neglect the essential skill of swimming. Since 1994, DLSA has been a trailblazer in providing winter swimming lessons in their indoor, heated, warm swimming facilities. By prioritising water safety year-round, DLSA has empowered countless children in Toowoomba to progress their swimming skills, all while braving the cold weather.

Progressing Skills Faster:

One might assume that taking a break from swimming lessons during winter is acceptable, given the cold climate. However, maintaining swimming lessons throughout the year has proven to be vital for a child's development in the water. At DLSA, we firmly believe that consistent practice accelerates skill progression. By attending lessons without interruption, children can build upon their previous learning, reinforcing techniques, and muscle memory.

Winter swimming lessons offer unique advantages. As the pools are heated and the facilities are indoors, the temperature is kept at a comfortable level, ensuring a pleasant experience for both the students and their parents. The controlled environment eliminates the discomfort of cold water, allowing children to focus on their lessons without distractions.

Ensuring Water Safety:

Water safety is a fundamental life skill that should be ingrained from an early age. By enrolling your child in winter swimming lessons at DLSA, you are making a proactive choice to prioritise their water safety journey. Water-related accidents can happen at any time, and being equipped with the necessary swimming skills can potentially save lives.

The DLSA instructors are highly trained professionals who create a nurturing and safe learning environment. They focus not only on teaching swimming techniques but also on developing water confidence, understanding water currents, and mastering lifesaving skills. By continuing lessons during winter, children receive a consistent education in water safety, which enhances their overall understanding and ability to handle different aquatic scenarios.

The Warmth You Deserve:

At DLSA, they understand the concerns of parents during the winter months. Getting kids ready for swimming lessons in the cold can be a daunting task. However, the DLSA aims to provide a comfortable experience for both children and parents. We encourage parents to dress their children warmly for the journey to and from the facilities, ensuring their comfort during travel.

Moreover, DLSA boasts the warmest swimming pools in the region. With our indoor, heated, warm swimming facilities, children can enjoy a toasty swim regardless of the chilly weather outside. The DLSA's commitment to maintaining ideal water temperatures guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable experience, making the decision to continue swimming lessons during winter a no-brainer.


The Darren Lange Swimming Academy has been at the forefront of providing winter swimming lessons since 1994. By offering indoor, heated, warm swimming facilities, DLSA has created a haven for children to progress their swimming skills and embrace water safety year-round. With the belief that consistent practice accelerates skill development, the DLSA ensures children can maintain their momentum, building upon their previous learnings without interruptions.

By enrolling your child in winter swimming lessons at DLSA, you are making a lasting investment in their water safety journey. Not only do they receive high-quality instruction from experienced professionals, but they also benefit from a controlled environment that offers comfort and warmth throughout the colder months.

So, this winter, don't let the weather deter you from supporting your child's water safety and swimming progress. Join the Darren Lange Swimming Academy, where you'll find the warmest swimming pools in the region, dedicated instructors, and a commitment to your child's year-round aquatic education.


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