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Signs are important. They remind us of things that we need to remember. But sometimes, when there's a lot of signs around, people tend to not take the time to read them.

Our CV19 facility specific signage system at DLSA Wilsonton is very detailed and very important. It is designed to remind our customers and Team Members about the range of social distancing and non-transmission initiatives we have in place that we all must follow.

We have many systems and procedures in place, but simply having a plan isn't enough! Everyone using our facilities, customers and Team members alike MUST know, understand and follow our CV19 Policies and Procedures.

So before you come back for your first lesson, please take a moment to get to know some of our important CV19 signage:

You will see the sign plastered around the entrance to our facility (DLSA Wilsonton).

Parents PLEASE... You MUST NOT attend lessons if you have experienced cold or flu like symptoms within previous 72 hours.

If you can not attend a lesson because you have had symptoms, please contact our Admin Team for assistance.

When you arrive at DLSA Wilsonton, remain in your car until about 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled lesson time.

At that time, you can go over to the waiting area where you can use some hand sanitiser and wait for a DLSA Team member to bring you/your child into your/their class.

Please remember to social distance yourself while waiting.

Please remember to social distance while attending the DLSA.

We will be controlling the foot traffic in...

...and out.

Please follow the directional signage and maintain 1.5m social distancing.

Another reminder, because it is so very important to everyone's safety... You MUST NOT attend lessons if you have had cold or flu like symptoms within the previous 72 hours.

During Stage 1 of our reopening, Admin services and enquiries will not be available face to face. All enquiries must be made on the phone or via email to

Beyond Stage 1, kiosk purchases will not be available and transactions will only be taken via credit or debit card.

For the time being, we are promoting a come to swimming ready, have your swim, get dried and dressed in warm clothes, then exit the facility.

This enables us to bring the next group through while maintaining our total facility occupation limits.

Our signage and messaging will evolve over the coming week to become clearer and more noticeable. We thank-you in advance for doing your bit to follow our important CV19 Policies and Procedures.


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