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Mastering Body Position in Freestyle Breath Cycle

EXPERT TIP by Darren Lange - 40 years of Swim Teaching experience | Olympic Swimmer | Founder/Owner of the DLSA.

At the Darren Lange Swimming Academy, we understand the importance of maintaining proper body position in freestyle swimming. It's a skill that builds upon the foundation of "Chin on Chest" head position and a "Long Legs Soft Feet" kicking action.

When learning to breathe in freestyle, we use simple yet powerful key words: "Chin on Chest, Chin to Shoulder." These phrases help swimmers understand the desired head movement during the breath cycle, ensuring they maintain a streamlined body position throughout.

Remember, it's common for some previously achieved skills to regress when introducing a new skill level. But fear not! With persistence, repetition, and the guidance of our patient Swim Teachers, swimmers can overcome these challenges and master new skills while maintaining their old ones.

As experts in teaching swimming for nearly 30 years, the Darren Lange Swimming Academy is committed to providing swimmers with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel. We're here to support your progress and help you achieve your swimming goals.

Ready to take your freestyle to the next level? Join us at the Darren Lange Swimming Academy and experience the transformative power of proper body position in the water. 🏊‍♂️💪


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