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Release Order of Enquiry Webform for Special 6 Week Program

As it has from the beginning of this pandemic, news and information is changing quickly and we are trying to keep up, while doing our best to keep everyone informed.

Our recent news of reopening on the 1st June and DLSA Wilsonton was met with a lot of excitement, but also frustration in not getting the information sooner.

Our decision to reopen was finalised on Monday the 25th May. Since that time we have been busily working on finalising all the fiddly little things we need to do to be ready to reopen on the 1st June.

We announced to our FB pages that we intended to reopen on the evening of the 25th May. at about 1pm the next day, the 26th May, we sent out an email to all those families who had pre paid for our P220 program back before the 23rd March, inviting them to register for our special reopening program. We felt it was important to give those pre paying families the chance to get a booking, seeing that had already essentially paid for the program and have waited patiently for us to reopen. :)

Later in the afternoon on the 26th May we sent an email out to all the families who took part in our recent DLSA Survey (who had added their name and email address) and those who had pre- registered to receive updates about CV19 issues from the DLSA.

At 8pm on the 26th May we released the link to all of our social media pages and at 9am on the 27th May we emailed the link out to any family that was previously booked into our P220 program before the CV19 close down.

If you feel you didn't receive an email when you should have, please contact our Admin Team at so we can check our records and make sure we have your information all up to date.

Going forward, if you have not yet registered your interest in making a booking in our 6 Week Program starting at DLSA Wilsonton on the 1st June, please click here -

Also, looking ahead, if you would like to be the first on the list of information going out to customers regarding anything related to CV19 and the DLSA, register your details here -

Thank-you for you patience and understanding during this time. We will continue to work to keep everyone up to date as best we can.


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