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Swim More... Progress Faster!

The cooler months are the PERFECT TIME to increase the number of lessons you do per week for many reasons. Check out Darren Lange's EXPERT TIP on why you should be BOOSTING your child's Water Safety Skills over the cooler months.

EXPERT TIP by Darren Lange - 40 years of Swim Teaching experience | Olympic Swimmer | Founder/Owner of the DLSA.

🔹 Expert Tip: Why Multiple Lessons a Week Benefit Young Children! 🔹

🌟 Did you know that having more than one lesson a week can significantly benefit young children? 🌟

👶🏊‍♀️ When it comes to swimming, it's essential to provide children with ample opportunities to develop their skills and build confidence in the water. Here's why multiple lessons a week can make a real difference:

1️⃣ Accelerated Learning: Increasing the frequency of swimming lessons can help accelerate a child's learning curve. By attending more lessons, they have more opportunities to practice and reinforce the skills they learn. Regular practice allows them to retain information more effectively and progress at a faster rate.

2️⃣ Consistency and Skill Retention: Repetition is crucial when it comes to mastering any skill, especially swimming. By attending multiple lessons per week, children can reinforce what they learn during each session and maintain their skills more effectively. Consistency builds muscle memory, enhances technique, and improves overall proficiency in the water.

3️⃣ Increased Water Safety: Water safety is a top priority for children, and more lessons mean more exposure to water-based activities and safety practices. By attending multiple lessons, children become more familiar with water environments, learn essential water safety rules, and develop vital self-rescue skills. This prepares them to handle unexpected situations and stay safe around water.

🌊 But why is swimming during the cooler months even better? 🌊

🌬️ The cooler months provide an excellent opportunity for children to take advantage of more swimming classes. Here's why:

1️⃣ Greater Availability: During the cooler months, there tends to be more availability for swimming classes. With fewer people enrolling, you can often find a wider range of class times and options that suit your schedule. This increased availability allows for greater flexibility in planning and attending multiple lessons each week.

2️⃣ Ideal Skill Development: The cooler months provide a comfortable environment for children to focus on skill development. With milder weather conditions, children can concentrate on learning and refining their swimming techniques without the distractions of hot weather or excessive heat. It's the perfect time to build a solid foundation of skills that can be further developed when summer arrives.

3️⃣ Preparing for Hot Weather: By engaging in more swimming lessons during the cooler months, children can develop their swimming abilities well before the arrival of hot weather. This early skill development ensures they are better prepared to enjoy water activities and stay safe once the temperature rises. It's a proactive approach that maximizes their progress and confidence in the water.

🌟 So, make the most of the cooler months by enrolling your child in multiple swimming lessons each week! They'll reap the benefits of accelerated learning, improved skill retention, enhanced water safety knowledge, and be well-prepared for the upcoming hot weather. 🏊‍♀️💦

🌈 Let's encourage our young swimmers to dive into success by providing them with more opportunities to learn and grow in the water! 🌈


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