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Swimming could save your child's life!

It’s all about neuromuscular development! You know - the link between the brain and how the muscles move. There's no way to get around it, the more your child (even you!) practices a physical skill, the more the brian builds a neurological connection to that action.

Practice a skill for long enough and it will become AUTOMATIC!

AUTOMATIC! This is EXACTLY what we are trying to achieve in every level within our Program.

Once we have a skill that the brain can do AUTOMATICALLY, we can start to build the next skill in the progression towards the overall water safety/swimming skill set.

Here’s the kicker… Neuromuscular development is all about REPETITION. The more you repeat the skill through drills, the faster the brain builds the connection.

Think about it… 30 mins per week of Swimming Lessons is the bottom line, the entry level. But the simple act of adding a class/week doesn’t just double the neuromuscular development, it quadruples it! It increases exponentially!


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