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Why Swimming Lessons Should Be a Year-Round Priority for Your Child

Every parent wants to make sure that their children are safe and secure, especially when it comes to water safety. But how can you ensure your toddler is ready for the pool? The answer lies in swim lessons. Swimming lessons should be a year-round practice. It takes regularity to build the skills necessary for water safety swimming. Let's look at why swim lessons are so important, and how you can create a routine for your little one.

The Benefits of Regular Swim Lessons

It is never too early to start swim lessons with your toddler! Even if they aren't yet able to submerge themselves in the water, there are plenty of activities that can help them get used to being in the pool environment. Activities such as floating on their back, jumping into the pool, and learning basic strokes can all help prepare them for more intense swimming activities down the line.

When children have a regular routine of swimming lessons, they become familiar with the water environment and develop an understanding of what it means to be safe around water. This not only provides them with crucial life skills but also helps instill confidence in their abilities in the pool. Research has shown that swim lessons increase cognitive development, physical strength, and social skills - all of which will benefit your little one both now and in years to come!

Making Swim Lessons Part of Your Routine

Creating a routine for your toddler doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming; it just takes consistency and commitment from parents or caregivers. Start by setting aside some time each week for swim lessons (30 minutes per session is ideal). Make sure that this time slot is consistent - book the same day each week so that your toddler knows when their lesson will occur and can look forward to it! Finally, find out if there are any rewards programs offered at your local pool—these can provide further incentives for your child to keep showing up every week!

How Will My Child Benefit From These Lessons?

Enrolling your toddler in water safety swimming courses will ensure that they learn proper technique and gain confidence in the water—two key components when it comes to staying safe around bodies of water. In addition, your child will also learn about aquatic survival skills such as floating, treading water, and calmly exiting the pool if necessary—all key components when it comes time for them to swim unsupervised later on down the road.

Water Safety is something we take seriously here at the DLSA, and we believe that regular swim lessons are essential in helping toddlers stay safe around water environments. By creating a consistent routine with rewards systems built-in, you can set up an effective system that will ensure your toddler stays comfortable while learning life-saving skills at the same time! At this time of the year, with hot days behind us, it's easy to think let's have a break from swimming lessons during the cooler months, but we offer you a different....... Don't let all the positive gains in confidence and skill development fall away, by taking a break from swimming lessons over the cooler months. Instead, PRIORITISE your child's Water safety Journey with YEAR ROUND lessons.

This commitment, this dedication will pay off in the long run when your child has built their swimming skills to a level, where they can be safe and comfortable in and around the water, for the rest of their life.


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