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Exciting NEW Booking Program Coming to DLSA!

When the DLSA started teaching Water Safety back in 1994, we produced these big booking books and using a pencil, we wrote children's names in the classes manually. :D

Around the year 2000 we made the jump to a computer booking program, but it was in the early days and they were pretty limited.

We changed again to what is our current booking program and while it has done pretty well to suit our needs for so long, we see that it is now time to make another change to better utilise other booking software functionality that will make it easier for our customers, by being able to access a range of other features, rather than making contact with our Admin Team to manage their families booking details.

Some AWESOME Families features will be:

  • The ability to cancel a class online/through the app

  • The ability to book a Make-up online/through the app*

  • The ability to change to a different class online/through the app*

  • Check on you transaction history

  • Review booking history

  • Make payments towards your swimming fees

  • Review assessment results to see how your swimmers are progressing

  • Change your contact information

  • Purchase ProShop items such as goggles, towels and funs and pick them up next time you are in

  • Stay up-to-date with important DLSA info

...and there's plenty more!

This is a MAJOR change for the DLSA. The fact is we DON'T expect everything to go 100% smoothly. So we are getting ourselves ready for a challenging while our Admin Team and Teachers/Coaches learn and adjust to this new system. The fact of the matter is, we don't know what problems we will come across until we actually start using the program. For this reason, we are asking that our Families allow us some extra leeway as well develop and evolve how the program will work in our environment and how we will operate in the program's environment.

Customer Service has always been a high priority for Team DLSA, our goal with making this major change is to deliver a more exceptional customer service experience to ourFamilies during their time with the DLSA, by encompassing new functionality utilising technology.

At this time, our DLSA Wilsonton program will go live on Tuesday 18th May** and DLSA Centenary Heights going live Wednesday 19th May**.

So there you have it! We are excited about our future and excited to bring our customers new and more convenient ways to manage their families Water Safety Journey!

*Some functionality won't be available straight away, we will roll certain features out in the coming months once we are confident everything is working as it should.

**Go live dates may change if we feel the switch is not ready.


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