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It's a busy time! Here's what you NEED to know about your booking

Our goal as the Admin Team is to work as hard as we can to communicate effectively with all of our wonderful families.

Xmas = Silly Season! We get it... We experience it too!

Here are 8 SUPER QUICK bullet point IMPORTANT INFO items you NEED TO KNOW about your booking right now:

  1. Program 22P4 ends Saturday 17th December

  2. Mon 12th Dec to Sat 17th Dec is WATER SAFETY WEEK

  3. PrePay & Save has been EXTENDED - Offer ends 17th December

  4. If you are booked into the current program, your booking HAS BEEN ROLLED OVER TO THE NEXT PROGRAM

  5. If you DO NOT REQUIRE a booking in the next program, YOU MUST submit a deferral form

  6. The DLSA will be CLOSED FOR LESSONS 18th Dec to 2nd Jan

  7. Lessons resume 3rd January 2023

  8. Our next program is 23P1 and it runs for 13 WEEKS

The DLSA Admin Team would like to take this opportunity to THANK all our mums and dads for your patience and support through what has been a challenging year.

We hope you have some wonderful family time throughout the festive season.

We look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

Remember to stay safe in and around the water. :)

Kind regards,

Sophia Daniel

DLSA Senior Administrator


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