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We care about your family's health

I am writing to you today to inform you of a range of initiatives I have put in place over the last few weeks in preparation for the heightened concern surrounding the Covid-19 virus. Firstly let me assure you that the Team here at the DLSA takes yours and your family's health and well being very seriously and we are working hard to ensure we continue to provide you with a healthy environment, so that your family can continue to develop their Water Safety skills. While we have produced various signage to give you an overview of how we are dealing with this issue, if you are interested, I would like to inform you of some of the detailed information about what steps we are taking throughout this time to rise to this challenge: 1. We have relaxed our already Family Friendly Make-Up Policy so that if you or anyone in your family are unwell, you can miss your lesson with the knowledge that you will have a make-up waiting for you when everyone is feeling better. It is important to us everyone attending the DLSA is in good health.

2. As a public facility, we maintain a vigorous cleaning and disinfecting regime. As an example, our Wilsonton facility is cleaned and disinfected four times a day during the week and twice on Saturday. Despite this, I have rostered an extra 8 hours of cleaning time per week so that our Facility Team can slow down and ensure they cover, clean and disinfect ALL high priority surfaces throughout our facility. 3. At DLSA Wilsonton, our pool water is manually tested three times a day, which is beyond the industry standard. Further to this, we have an automated dosing system that monitors sanitation levels 24/7. At DLSA Centenary Heights the water maintenance falls within the Qld State Government guidelines. 4. We are modifying your seating arrangements at DLSA to encourage more space between parents, watching their children in a swimming lesson, thus increasing social distancing. 5. Our Team members are in good health and have not travelled internationally in the last 14 days.

6. Finally, we are working to educate you, a parent of a family within our program. It is essential that anyone attending DLSA;

We will continue to follow the Queensland and Australian Government's advice regarding this issue. At this point in time, the social distancing guidelines are banning mass gatherings of 500 people of more. It is important to note that, at the busiest time for DLSA, we would have no more than 60 people within the facility at one time. But on average, Monday to Friday, we would only have about 20 to 30 people in the facility at one time during our standard trading period. I feel that with heightened disinfection procedures, good staff training and policies and support and co operation from our families, our facilities will remain a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. We welcome your feedback, questions and concerns. If you would like to contact us, feel free to email us direct at or PM us through social media. In the interest of not causing unnecessary alarm, we respectfully ask you to consider NOT posting potential alarming statements and comments on our social media channels. I, together with my Senior Team members, are taking this situation very seriously and working to navigate our way through as best we can, while supporting our employees AND providing a safe environment to the hundreds of families who would like to continue their Water Safety journey. Thank-you for your time. Kind regards,

Darren Lange OLY


Darren Lange Swimming

We are increasing the space between parents visiting our facilities

Our pool water is manually checked three times a day & auto dosed 24/7


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